Italian Geotechnical Association

The Italian Geotechnical Association has its headquarter in Rome, at National Authority for the Electrical Energy office. The AGI has the purpose of promoting, encouraging and coordinating researches and studies concerning the soils characteristics related to engineering problems.

In particular, the Association provides to:

  • inform its members about studies, results of works and news concerning Geotechnics, mainly through its official voice “Italian Geotechnical Journal”;
  • coordinate and spread studies and researches in technical and scientific field and promote the diffusion of the Geotechnics teaching;
  • present to Academies and Public Authorities studies and proposals as well as appeals for action related to the general and local problems concerning Geotechnics; ;
  • establish and maintain continuous and friendly relationships between all the Authorities, Associations, Offices and persons who are interested in this topic;
  • promote and support the creation of Study and Research Centres on Geotechnics in Italy.

Address: Viale dell'Università 11, 00185 Roma, Italia

Telephone: +39 (06) 44.65.569
Fax: +39 (06)