Cleaning-up project of Panama City and Bay
Cleaning-up project of Panama City and Bay





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The cleaning-up project of Panama City and Bay includes:

  • Construction of Health Service networks
  • Construction and rehabilitation of Collectors and Drive lines
  • Interceptor system
  • Plant for wastewater treatment.

These elements will be developed to collect, transport and treat wastewater of Panama City which is currently discharged directly into the bay or rivers and streams in the metropolitan area.

General purpose

Recover the rivers and creeks areas which currently represent a risk for public health and impossibility of urban development and good quality of life of its inhabitants.

Specific purpose

Larger the collection systems and construction of a wastewater treatment system to minimize the risks for health. Clean up the Bay of Panama City and give to the World a new image of a City/Country that respect the sea, the environment and its resources. For more information, visit the official site

Press articles

In the Spanish-Italian newspaper for the Italian community in Panama „Corriere di Panama“ was published an article regarding „The cleaning-up project of Panama City“. The article contains an interview to the CEO of Sisgeo, Mr. Romano Lamperti, who explains how SISGEO has approached this big project that has given a new modern image to the city.


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