Sisgeo is honoured to be part of SiC NANO for Picogeo, a European project to improve volcano-seismic monitoring

[ Tuesday, 09 February 2021 ]

The aims of the project is to overcome the limitations of the current instruments for geoscience and geohazard monitoring.

Funded by the FET Open scheme of the European Union’s Horizon2020 research and innovation programme, it aims to develop a radically new dynamic ground strain measurement technology with an ultra-high resolution of 10-12 that is about two order of magnitude better than the presently available technology.

The research combines the high performance 3C-SiC material with a high Young modulus (almost 3 times higher than silicon) that improves the resolution of the actual strain sensor, with fiber lasers for novel all-optical closed-loop operation of the resonator.
This design gives the opportunity to use an electronic readout far from the borehole and easily accessible out of the deep drilling.


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Volcano photo by Shawn Appel on Unsplash