Convergence extensometer

Reference products codes: D235 Convergence Extensometers, are rod extensometers allow to monitor the changes in the distance between two anchor points. Typical applications include convergence monitoring in tunnels, caverns, underground mining and structural health monitoring. The convergence Extensometer is based on a long stroke linear potentiometric displacement transducer. It consists of a rigid, light weight telescopic […]

Digital Tape Extensometer

Reference products codes: DN00, GCTR Tape extensometer is designed to take accurate distance measurements between pairs of reference points permanently installed. Tape extensometer is equipped with stainless steel measuring tape with equally spaced punched holes incorporated in a rugged body with digital dial gauge. Available with both hook or 3/8” threaded terminals (to be specified […]

Mini OMNIAlog datalogger

Reference products codes: MINIOMNIA Mini OMNIAlog is a 4-channels datalogger designed for hard environment field use; it groups both high measurement accuracy, simple installation and web-based management software. MAIN FEATURES: No software required USB 2.0 Comm ports High performances over all working temperature range(-30°C +70°C) 2GB internal memory Vibrating wire built-in interface Excellent value for […]

Vibrating Wire Deformation Meters

Reference products codes: D233, LBSG VW deformation meters (also named LBSG – Long Base Strain Gauges) are mainly designed to be enbedded into concrete or RCC dams in order to measure expansion of induced joints. Deformation meter consists of a vibrating wire displacement transducer housed into a PVC tube having a steel flange on each […]

Ojo de Agua Hydroelectric project

The Ojo de Agua hydropower project is located close to the village El Carbon in the community of San Esteban (Olancho) in the north east of Honduras. The project will generate 109 GWh/year with an installed capacity of 22.5 MW, a discharge of 6.0 m³/s and a gross head of 418 m.The project consists of […]

Cerro del Águila Hydroelectric power plant

The Cerro del Águila HPP is a hydroelectric power plant located on the Mantaro River in the districts of Colcabamba and Surcubamba, within the Province of Tayacaja and Region of Huancavelica, in central Peru. The Project will be located downstream of the Mantaro hydroelectric complex. The Project is an independent activity from the Mantaro hydroelectric […]

Urban Tunnelling: Hakata station of the Fukuoka city subway – Japan

For the tunnel excavation of the Hakata station of the Fukuoka city subway in Japan partial excavation was carried out. A road with heavy traffic and different structures , as subground car park, gas pipelines, important sewers, are situated above the tunnel construction. Taking into account constraints as shallow overburden and unconsolidated ground above the […]

ALACAES Pressure plug instrumentation – Geotechnical monitoring for a research project – Switzerland

ALACAES, an Airlight Energy company, is currently constructing a compressed air energy storage solution that enables large-scale electricity storage. ALACAES’ storage solution will be a valuable solution for grid stabilization and energy balance of the electricity network.This pilot plant in Pollegio, Switzerland, to test the feasibility of its electricity storage solution will exploit an abandoned […]

Xayaburi Hydroelectric Power Project – Laos

The Xayaburi Dam is a hydroelectric dam under construction on the Lower Mekong River approximately 30 kilometres east of Xayaburi (Sainyabuli) town in northern Laos.  The main purpose of the dam is to produce hydroelectric power.With a planned capacity of 1,295 MW – of which 1,220 MW will be sold to the Electricity Generating Authority […]

Rome Underground – Line C – Italy

Rome metro Line C runs through the city from North-West (Della Vittoria district) to the eastern suburb and is extending beyond the Grande Raccordo Anulare.Line C has a full-run of 25,6 km and 30 stations, passing through the old town centre.The Route will be characterised by the green colour. The interchanges with the other metro […]

Lakhta Center, Saint Petersburg – Russia

From the official Lakhta Center web site: Lakhta Center is a large scale project of the construction of a modern business center in Primorsky district of Saint Petersburg exercising a wide range of public functions with a developed public and transport infrastructure. Lakhta Center is implemented as a pilot project of an integrated development of […]