Ituango Hydroelectric project

Ituango Hydroelectric project

The 2.400MW Ituango hydroelectric project will be the largest hydropower plant in Colombia. The plant is being built on the banks of Cauca River. The project is located in the northwestern region of Antioquia, about 170km north of the Colombian city of Medellin. The project is a part of the initiative undertaken to exploit the […]

Highway 4G Cúcuta – Pamplona

The Unión Vial Río Pamplonita Concessionaire is in charge of the Pamplona-Cúcuta dual carriageway, the most important road infrastructure work in Norte de Santander. This project is a solution to the border mobility between Colombia and Venezuela, as well as with the northeast of Colombia. The main characteristics of the project are: its length of […]

St. Moritz, Chesa Corviglia

St. Moritz Brattas-Fallun, Chesa Corviglia, 22 years landslide and structural health monitoring.Located above the northern part of the town of St. Moritz in Switzerland, there is a 600m wide and about 1500m long clastic flow type landslide. At the sides bounded by parallel shear zones and at the lower end constrained, the Brattas-Fullun landslide is […]

Forrestfield Airport Link

“The $1.86 billion Forrestfield-Airport Link is jointly funded by the Australian and Western Australian governments and will deliver a new rail service to the eastern suburbs of Perth – with three new stations at Belmont, Airport Central and Forrestfield.The rail link will connect with the existing Midland line near Bayswater Station and will run to […]

Warsaw Metro Project – Line 2

The 6.5 km east-west route links Rondo Daszyńskiego and Dworzec Wileński includes seven stations and an 870 m tunnel under the Wisła River. The civil works began late in 2010 and became operative in March 2015. In 2016 the works for the extension toward east and west of the second line started, estimated schedule of […]

New Leonardo Datalogger

Reference products codes: CDL, CDL400 New Leonardo is part of CDL datalogger line and it designed for read and store data from any Sisgeo instrument. The heart of the readout are the double 24bit A/D converter and the powerful CPU. Thanks to the SMART manager suite software, the user can simply manage the readout also […]

Galileo Datalogger

Reference products codes: CDL, CDL100 Galileo is part of the CDL datalogger line, designed for read and acquire data from vibrating wire instruments. The main features of Galileo are the wide LCD color display, the 2GB internal memory, the double 24 bit A/D converter and the powerful CPU. It is supplied with the carring bag, […]

TEL-310S Telecoordinometer

Reference products codes: TEL310, TEL-310, TEL310S, TEL-310S TEL-310S Telecoordinometer (Telependulum) is designed for automatic readings of the coordinates of the pendulum plumb lines (direct or inverted).  TEL-310S is characterized by high resolution and the possibility of measuring many steel wire simultaneously. Moreover this instrument offers auto-diagnostic functions for measurements validation through a built-in high performance […]

Flush-coupled Inclinometer Casing

Reference products codes: S141 Inclinometer casings are special grooved tubes, generally installed in a borehole, used in conjunction with inclinometer system to monitor horizontal soil movements. Flush-coupled inclinometer casing is a special ABS grooved tube, machined at the end to have a self-aligning junction. It is produced from high-quality virgin ABS plastic. During manufacturing particular attention is […]

Smart Software for CDL Portable Datalogger

Reference products codes: CDL, CDL300 Smart Manager Suite is a package of integrated programs with the following modules: SmartManager SmartExport SmartRemote Smart Manager Suite is a package of integrated programs with the following modules: SmartManager SmartExport SmartRemote The suite has been designed to work under Microsoft Windows OS (XP, Vista x86-x64 and Seven x86-x64) in […]

Archimede Datalogger

Reference products codes: CDL, CDL300 Archimede datalogger is a readout of CDL family, mainly aimed for measuring systems like inclinometer systems or T-REX incremental extensometer system. Its core is the double 24bit A/D converters and the advanced electronic board designed by Sisgeo. Main features are the 2GB memory, the large backlight color display that shows […]

Digital MEMS Inclinometer System

Reference products codes: S242DV, S2RC, CDL300, S21ST Digital MEMS inclinometer probe represents the most advanced evolution of Sisgeo inclinometer system. Inclinometer probe, available with 500 mm and 1000 mm gauge length, is manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel in one-piece in order to guarantee stability and waterproofing for long term operation. On board advanced electronics (24 bit A/D converter […]