FAQ#111 – Why I cannot read correctly my 4-20mA current loop gauge?

It could be a problem connected to the power supply given by the readout or logger. When the power supply is in the current loop (2-wire gauge) it is necessary to consider the effect of voltage drop across the shunt resistor on the voltage applied to the gauge. For example, suppose a 4-20mA gauge requires […]

Drive-in piezometers

Drive-in piezometers Reference products codes: PK45I, P235I Drive-in piezometers, also called push-in piezometers, are designed for installation in soft clays, organic or fine grained cohesionless soils. The piezometers are pushed directly into the soil using conventional cone penetrometer or drilling rods with adapters. The large diameter nose cone decreases the chance of overpressure while the piezometer is […]