Relleno Sanitario Parque Ambiental los Pocitos

Relleno Sanitario Parque Ambiental los Pocitos

The Parque Ambiental Los Pocitos Landfill began operations in April 2009. It is located 15 kilometers from Barranquilla, on the Juan Mina-Tubará road, in an area of 135 hectares, of which 75 hectares are used for the disposal of about two thousand tons of solid waste per day. Sisgeo Latinoamerica supplied and installed a geotechnical […]

FAQ#111 – Why I cannot read correctly my 4-20mA current loop gauge?

It could be a problem connected to the power supply given by the readout or logger. When the power supply is in the current loop (2-wire gauge) it is necessary to consider the effect of voltage drop across the shunt resistor on the voltage applied to the gauge. For example, suppose a 4-20mA gauge requires […]

Titanium piezometers

Titanium piezometers Reference products codes: P235TI Piezo-resistive titanium piezometers are designed to operate in corrosive environments, such as salt water, tailings, and landfills. Resistance to corrosion is provided by a titanium body, ceramic diaphragm, polyethelene or ceramic filter, and acid-resistant signal cable. The robust 4-20mA output is compatible with most readouts (as CRD-400) and data loggers and is […]