Introducing the Future of Railway track Monitoring – The Wireless FLX-RAIL® LoRa

SISGEO RAIL® is proud to announce the official release of the wireless FLX-RAIL® LoRa instrument.
Thanks to its advanced measuring principle and power saving technology SBV®, FLX-RAIL® is the first instrument to provide continuous reliable data to monitor the cant and twist of the railway track both in static (without train load) and dynamic underload conditions (during train passage).
Developed in collaboration with SNCF Réseau and RATP Infrastructures, the FLX-RAIL® is able to monitor the main railway track geometry parameters to participate to rail traffic safety and availability.
The autonomous wireless version is now available and its installation has never been simpler: no tools, no glue, no drilling operation are necessary!
With the FLX-RAIL®, rather than only punctual measurements, the continuous evolution against time of parameters such as underload cant and twist are now available. The railway track maintenance operations are optimized with real-time access to reliable track geometry parameters.
FLX-RAIL® LoRa is also certified according to the demanding railway norm EN 50125-3 clause 4.13 to resist to shocks and vibrations.
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