Cables and accessories

Cables, Accessories and Software

Signal cable is one of the key-factor for a good monitoring system: they have to transmit the instrument signal to the readout or to the datalogger without any noisy, signal loss or unexpected interruption. All Sisgeo cable are designed for specific application and can be embedded in concrete or buried into the soil. All our cable are also LSZH (low Smoke Zero Halogen), so can be installed in project like tunnels or buildings that require low-emission specification in case of fire.

Instrument and multicore cables are mainly composed by:

  • Tinned copper conductors;
  • Polyolefin conductor sheets, one for each conductor;
  • Aluminum tape overall screen;
  • Flame retardant polyolefin inner jacket for cable waterproofing;
  • LSZH M1 technopolymer outer jacket for mechanical protection.

Cables, depending from the model, can also have venting tube, Kevlar stress member or steel armoring.

Sisgeo can supply a large range of installation and reading accessories:

  • Switch terminal boxes and measuring boxes for multiple manual reading with portable readouts;
  • Junction boxes to connect two or more instrument cable to one multicore cable;
  • Overvoltage protection junction boxes with 3-level protection board;
  • Flying connector to be installed on instrument cable at factory for direct reading with portable readout;
  • Waterproof splicing kit for cable elongation or repair.

The quality of a monitoring system depends from the quality of all system parts: instruments, cable, accessories and readout/datalogger. A low quality monitoring system means low safety and so higher possibility of not-detected risk or accident.


Sisgeo designed and developed different software modules mainly to support our measurement systems or for managing Sisgeo readout devices and the data loggers.

The Klion Software was developed for data analysis and result presentation of the portable inclinometer system. The software is able to handle both vertical and horizontal inclinometer measurements and taking in account also tube twisting from spiral-meter measurement. For data input and measurement management the Archimede readout is used or readings are entered manually. Klion produces graphs, displayed and printable, in Cartesian and polar mode.

The T-REX Analyzer is designed for operating T-REX Incremental Extensometers, the removable system, but can also manage data coming from INCREX extensometers. The most innovative feature of the T-REX analyzer is the smoothing plug-in that allows graphical results that replicates optimized the measured physical phenomena.

SMART Manager Suite is a pool of software working under Microsoft operation systems and has been developed for global management of Archimede, New Leonardo and Galileo readouts. It includes 3 modules:

  • SMART Manager for data synchronization between readout and PC/notebook;
  • SMART Export for data download and correct data processing with other SW (i.e. Klion);
  • SMART Remote to allow datalogger remote management for on-line technical assistance.

The SMART Manager Suite controls every 7 days over the web the availability of up-dated soft- and firmware.