FAQ#061 – Does the 2G (GSM/GPRS) modem of miniOMNIAlog support 3G networks?

No. The internal modem of miniOMNIAlog is a 2G (GSM/GPRS) modem and therefore it doesn’t support 3G (UTMS) and superior networks. We recommend to ascertain with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) the presence of the 2G signal in the place chosen to install the datalogger. Otherwise, miniOMNIAlog couldn’t establish an internet connection through its modem. Normally, 3G network represents an evolution of 2G network but with different antennas and network devices. It is a common practice to maintain in operation both networks to give a global covering to all users. However, in those countries that in the past were never covered by wireless systems (2G network), the new installations consider the adoption of the last existing technology (3G or 4G networks). For this reason, there could be places where there is only a 3G signal and no 2G signal.

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