FAQ#058 – To communicate through USB connection with miniOMNIAlog, is it necessary to install some software or driver?

Yes, to communicate with miniOMNIAlog by USB connection a small driver (FTDI Driver) is needed, to permit to the PC to recognize the miniOMNIAlog. Usually, if your PC is already connected to the internet when you connect miniOMNIAlog, Microsoft Windows is able to download and install this driver automatically. If Microsoft Windows does not install the driver automatically or your PC is not connected to the internet, you can download the driver for free at the following link:


You have to do this operation only one time for each PC utilized with miniOMNIAlog. After that, every time a new miniOMNIAlog is connected to these PCs, it will be automatically recognized because the driver is already installed on your PC. SISGEO suggests to check periodically the new releases of driver at the previous link.

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