Molunghi landslide monitoring, Italy
Molunghi landslide monitoring, Italy





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Study and monitoring of Molunghi landslide

The monitoring project of Molunghi landslide is the result of the cooperation between the Comune di Calice al Cornoviglio and the Road Department of La Spezia Province and it is began in consequence of the instability of both the provincial street and part of Monlunghi di Mezzo inhabitat during the alluvium of November 2000.

After the management of criticism (November 2000) and problems related to the safety of transports and life in the town, some geological and geotechnical studies have been carried out: they were finalised to the preliminary planning (2001) and they incleded the operation to restore the provincial road (2002), to the long term monitoring on the instrumentation at site and to the final realization phase (2003), seen the delicacy of the intervention area.

Also in this case the problematic were particularly relevant, having to assure an adequate safety margin to the basin of user represented by 400 residents