Panama City metro project
Panama City metro project






Panama Metro is the rapid transit system of Panama City, Panama. It will be the first metro system in Central America.

Construction of Line 1 of the Panama Metro started in February 2011 and is expected to be completed by February 2014. Line 1 will run from Albrook to Los Andes, and will include 12 train stations.

The metro system will address the increasing traffic congestion in the city and is expected to carry approximately 15.000 people an hour in 2014, which will rise to 40.000 people an hour by 2035.

The Secretariat of the Panama Metro (SMP) in collaboration with the Government of Panama will operate the metro.

The SMP conducted feasibility and route design studies, collectively known as Red Master Panama Metro plan, for the metro project. The master plan includes the construction of four metro rail lines and a tram covering the city of Panama. It is expected to be fully operational by 2035.

Line 1 is under construction and Line 2 is expected to be completed by 2017. Feasibility studies for Line 3 are currently underway, while Line 4 is currently in the planning stage.

Line 1 will be constructed in two phases; Phase 1 will include the route from Albrook Bus Terminal to Los Andes Commercial Centre, Phase 2 will extend the existing route from Los Andes to San Isidro.

Line 1 will be 13.7km long with 12 stations, including seven underground stations and five elevated stations. The stations include 12 de Octubre, F. de Córdoba, Vía Argentina, Iglesia El Carmen, Marañon, Curundú, Plaza 5 de Mayo, Pan de Azúcar, San Miguelito, and Pueblo Nuevo.

Line 1 will include the construction of 7.3km of tunnels, 1.5km of trenches and 4.9km of viaducts.

Line 2 will also be built in two phases; Phase 1 will include the route from San Migulieto to La Dorba and Phase 2 will include the route from Albrook to San Migulieto.

Line 3 will be 21km long, running from Albrook to La Chorrera. It will pass through a new bridge constructed on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal. Line 4 will run from Albrook to Rana de Oro.