Puerto Cabello-La Encrucujada railway project, Venezuela
Puerto Cabello-La Encrucujada railway project, Venezuela






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The section Puerto Cabello – La Encrucijada (Cagua) is part of a more multi-modal and articulated transportation network of freights and passengers.

During the first stage of works, the above said section will connect the principal port of the country (Puerto Cabello) to the industrial, agricultural and food poles of Valencia and Maracay.

The next step of the project will be a rail connection between the cities of San Juan de Los Morros, Calabozo and Cabruta, which is the principal port of the river transportation network Orinoco–Apure. This new rail line will be connected, in the next future, with the rail line section Caracas–Tuy Medio, which is part of the Central Region Railway Transport System.

The new rail line network, which develops for approx. 109.81km, crosses the mountainous section of the route with 15 tunnels (total length 27.97km). Sections concerned by embankments are more than 67.23km in length, mostly in semi-hilly areas (earthmoving works volume over 14,500,000m³), why bridges and viaducts are more than 78 (total length 14.61km), allowing therefore a direct route without any interference.

The new double track rail section design followed the international standards, with international gauge of 1.435m allowing a maximum speed comprised between 140 and 180 km/h.