San Siro Stadium – Politecnico di Milano and Sisgeo roof monitoring
San Siro Stadium – Politecnico di Milano and Sisgeo roof monitoring





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San Siro Stadium, also known as “La Scala del Calcio” is one of the most iconic football temples worldwide.

Its peculiar structure has been modified in occasion of the 1990 Italy’s World Cup, by adding the third level of tribunes (third ring).

The structure has been monitored for the last 13 years from Politecnico di Milano. Recently, additional instruments have been requested for tilt monitoring of the roof steel structure.

His trussed structure uses plates called ‘‘hangers’’ (i.e., steel elements) to support another trussed modular structure, made up of 32 equal parts, called ‘‘rafts’,’ carrying the plastic curved sheets constituting a shelter for people attending the events.

Considering its exposure to atmospheric factors and the large number of structural elements, this project represents a challenge for structural health monitoring purposes.

SISGEO provided 37 biaxial tiltmeters, which were installed by professional climbers Those tiltmeters provide a continuous measurement of the raft inclinations in order to check that such rotations remain within the forecasted thresholds.

To complete the monitoring network, five measurement nodes were installed to acquire tiltmeter signals and send data to a master PC.