Sisgeo Digital BH-Profile In-Place Inclinometers chain installation at the AGH University of Science and Technology Stanisław Staszic in Krakow

On 19th and 20th September Sisgeo and our Polish partner GEOD participated to the 3rd Engineering Geology Workshop at the AGH University of Science and Technology Stanisław Staszic in Krakow. The workshop was addressed to professionals, companies and academicians and was organised by the Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection and Department of Hydrogeology […]

Sisgeo B.R.A.IN APP Quick Start

B.R.A.IN. APP is the new way to take measures with Sisgeo inclinometer system. Your smartphone become the data logger via this innovative APP compatible with IOS and Android. It allows to make surveys, manage data tables, create polar and linear graphs and send all the data through any sharing APP installed on your device. Discover […]

BRAIN tutorial

This video shows how simple and intuitive is to use the new BRAIN inclinometer system. The system, composed by the BRAIN APP, bluetooth cable reel and MEMS inclinometer probe, is completed with the accessories (dummy/test probe and pulley cable stop). The technician in the video simply described the basic operations for an inclinometer survey. Detailed […]

Tutorial KLION software

KLION is the new SISGEO data analysis software for inclinometer probes and T-Rex extensometers. In this video are presented the basic features for vertical inclinometers tube analysis.