DEX extensometer and DEX-S 3D extenso-inclinometer the unique solution for 3D borehole monitoring

DEX In-Place extensometer is designed to monitor settlement or heave. DEX should be installed in ABS inclinometer casings with magnet rings. The DEX system permits remote automatic monitoring of vertical and horizontal casings. Available models are DEX extensometers and DEX-S extenso-inclinometers. The DEX-S extenso-inclinometer is a unique solution for 3D borehole monitoring. DEX-S is a 3D probe with an exclusive merge of two sensors: – a contactless magnetic sensor to monitor the vertical displacements; – a high accuracy biaxial MEMS inclinometer to read displacements on horizontal axis. Where the sensors are installed in a borehole allows the advantage to return a 3D profile of both casing and surrounding ground, where the chain is installed. DEX and DEX-S are booth available in analog and digital version.