Tailings dams

Tailings dams are engineered structures built to store and contain the waste materials called tailings that result from mining and mineral extraction processes. Tailings dams can present environmental risks if not adequately designed, constructed, maintained and monitored.

What is tailings dams monitoring? A tailings dam is a structure used in mining operations to store waste material, or tailings, that is produced during the processing of mineral ores. Tailings are the finely ground rock particles and other materials that are left over after the desired mineral has been extracted from the ore. The […]

Caverns and underground mines

Underground mine, also known as caverns, are usually monitored with many geotechnical instruments to grant its safety. The picture shows the drilling and installation of a MEXID miniaturised borehole extensometer.

What is cavern mines monitoring? Cavern mines, also known as underground mines, are a type of mining operation that involves the extraction of minerals or resources from underground caverns or cavities. The stability of the caverns can be impacted by several factors, such as changes in water pressure, changes in the rock mass properties, and […]

Open pit mines

The image shows an open-pit mine, one of the most important geotechnical excavation works that man can undertake. The monitoring system in a mine is very important to ensure the efficiency of the mine workings and, above all, the safety of the miners.

What is open pit mines monitoring? Open pit mines are large mining operations where materials are extracted from the earth. They are called “open pit” because they are created by removing large amounts of rock and soil from the ground, creating a large open hole or pit.Geotechnical monitoring in open pit mines is important for […]