Deep excavations

Deep excavation in urban area, Grand Paris Project. In this huge project Sisgeo installed a large number of instruments: ABS inclinometer casings, BRAIN inclinometers system, DEX in place extensometers, digital IPIs In-Place Inclinometers, digital BH-Profiles IPIs, H-levels digital settlement gauges, digital tiltmeters, MPBX borehole extensometers, MEXID miniaturised borehole extensometers, vibrating wire strain-gauges, pressure cells, crack meters, electric load cells, piezometers, Omnialog automatic dataloggers and WR-log wireless data acquisition system.

What is deep excavations monitoring? Deep excavation monitoring refers to the process of measuring and analysing the behaviour of soil and structures during excavation works in order to ensure safety and stability. It is important to monitor deep excavations because the excavation process can cause changes in the stress and strain of the soil and […]

TBM Tunnels

Typical TBM tunnel where precast concrete sections are visible. Into precast segments, in the factory are usually installed vibrating wire strain gauges and pressure cells.

What is TBM tunnel monitoring? A TBM tunnel (Boring Tunnel Machine) is a tunnel that is build using a massive tunnel drilling machine. During the excavation process, the TBM removes the excavated material from the tunnel face, transports it to the back of the machine, and then transports it to the surface using a conveyor […]

NATM Tunnels

El Toyo tunnel monitoring in Colombia. Sisgeo supplied piezometer PVC tubing, electric anchor load cells and MPBX borehole extensometers with vibrating wire displacement transducers.

What is NATM Tunnel monitoring? The New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM), also known as the Sequential Excavation Method (SEM), is a technique used in the construction of tunnels that was developed in Austria in the 1960s. NATM involves excavating the tunnel in stages, with the surrounding rock or soil providing temporary support until a permanent […]