TEL-310S Telecoordinometer

Reference products codes: TEL310, TEL-310, TEL310S, TEL-310S TEL-310S Telecoordinometer (Telependulum) is designed for automatic readings of the coordinates of the pendulum plumb lines (direct or inverted).  TEL-310S is characterized by high resolution and the possibility of measuring many steel wire simultaneously. Moreover this instrument offers auto-diagnostic functions for measurements validation through a built-in high performance […]

Cerro del Águila Hydroelectric power plant

The Cerro del Águila HPP is a hydroelectric power plant located on the Mantaro River in the districts of Colcabamba and Surcubamba, within the Province of Tayacaja and Region of Huancavelica, in central Peru. The Project will be located downstream of the Mantaro hydroelectric complex. The Project is an independent activity from the Mantaro hydroelectric […]

Rome Underground – Line C – Italy

Rome metro Line C runs through the city from North-West (Della Vittoria district) to the eastern suburb and is extending beyond the Grande Raccordo Anulare.Line C has a full-run of 25,6 km and 30 stations, passing through the old town centre.The Route will be characterised by the green colour. The interchanges with the other metro […]

FAQ#009 – Can the TEL-310S functioning be influenced from atmospheric conditions?

Any factor (water, mud etc.) that could dirty the internal part of the “SUS” optical sensor unit’s cover can influence the TEL-310S correct functioning. So it is essential to protect properly the “SUS” optical sensor unit from weather conditions, leaving anyway the access possibility for cleaning/maintenance. In any case, TEL-310S has an auto-diagnostics able to […]

FAQ#002 – What is the 0TEL310ANS0 adjustable support for TEL-310S and what is it for?

The “ANS” adjustable support (0TEL310ANS0) has been developed to support and fix the “SUS” optical sensor unit (0TEL310SUS0) of the new TEL-310S telecoordinometer. The support is fixed to the wall through two M16 threaded bars, of 370 mm. length (supplied). Once the “SUS” optical sensor unit is fixed to the support, it is possible to […]