FAQ#111 – Why I cannot read correctly my 4-20mA current loop gauge?

It could be a problem connected to the power supply given by the readout or logger. When the power supply is in the current loop (2-wire gauge) it is necessary to consider the effect of voltage drop across the shunt resistor on the voltage applied to the gauge. For example, suppose a 4-20mA gauge requires […]

Removable pressure transducers

Removable pressure transducers Reference products codes: PK45C, P252C The removable pressure transducer is designed to measure pore-water pressure through a special Casagrande filter tip. This unique design is especially suitable for long-term monitoring since it allows the instrument to be withdrawn for calibration checks. The removable pressure transducer can be supplied with either vibrating wire or piezo-resistive technology. APPLICATIONS • Long term […]