Avshar Hadimi Dam – Turkey

Rehabilitation of 6 dams in Macedonia

6 hydropower plants in the Republic of Macedonia (owned and operated by ELEM- JSC Macedonian Power Plants) with a total installed capacity of 528 MW, were rehabilitated in terms of monitoring instrumentation and automation of the data. The hydropower assets include the five embankment dams with clay core of Mavrovo, Spilje, Globocica, Tikves and Kozjak […]

Nam Gnouang Dam – Laos

The NG Dam, 480 m wide and 65 m high, has created the NG Reservoir, which stores the rains that fall in the area from May-October each year. The dam has five gates that are opened only to discharge water to avoid flood events during the wet season. In normal operation the dam releases water […]

Sogamoso hydroelectric project – Colombia

Sisgeo worked on the hydroelectric project on Sogamoso river, through Monitoriza, a company of Sisgeo group. Sisgeo supplied and installed all the equipments necessary for this project, located in the north-western area of Colombia, at about 40 km from Bucaramanga.  The project concerns the building of a dam 190mt high and 300mt long, of a […]

El Quimbo Hydroelectric project – Colombia

Impregilo is realising in Colombia the hydroelectric power plant of El Quimbo on Magdalena river (in Huila region), on behalf of EMGESA, that is the biggest electric company of the country. The agreement is worth about 250ml of euro. The power plant will have an installed capacity of 400MW. The project includes the building of […]

Minghetti Dam, Italy

Project Name: Minghetti Dam Purpose of the project: Irrigation Project location: Sardinia-Italy CostructorsImpresa: costruzioni Ing. G.B. Bosazzo Spa-Cagliari /Impresa di costruzioniOpere Specializzate (ICOS)-Milano Dam Type: ordinary gravity dam Height above foundation: 25 m Crest level (m.s.l.m): 364 m Crest length: 90 m Capacity of the Reservoir: 80.000 m3 End of construction: 1964 Client: Consorzio Bonifica Sardegna Centrale

Koohrang HPP , I. R. of IRAN

Project Name: Koohrang HPP Purpose of the projectGenerate: 128,000,000 Gwh/ y Electrical Energy Project location: IRAN-Shahre kord Client: I.W.P.C Contractor: Payab kosar – Canivo Dam Type: Earth Fill Dam Height above foundation: 15 m Crest level (above sea level): 2345.5 Crest length: 470 m Capacity of the Reservoir: 100,000 m<<3<< Foundation soil: SG-GC End of construction: Sep 2004

Mujib Dam, Jordan

Project Name: Mujib Dam Purpose of the project: Irrigation and Water Supply Project location: Madaba Region Hashemite: Kingdom of Jordan Client: Jordan Valley Authority (JVA) Contractor:Aegek-Hydrogradnja J.V. Consultant:Lahamayer Dam Type: RCC with earthfill abutments (clay core) Height above foundation: 62 m Crest level: 199 m a.s.l. Crest length: 750 m Capacity of the Reservoir: 35 million cubic meter Volume of the concrete: 800.000 cubic meter […]

Wala Dam, Jordan

Project Name: Wala Dam Purpose of the project: Irrigation and Water Supply Project location: Madaba Region Hashemite: Kingdom of Jordan Client: Jordan Valley Authority (JVA) Contractor:Aegek-Hydrogradnja J.V. Dam Type:RCC with earthfill abutments (clay core) Height above foundation: 42 m Crest level: 524 m a.s.l. Crest length: 265 m Capacity of the Reservoir: 9.2 million cubic meter Foundation soil: Bitominous Lime Stone End of construction: January […]

Tangeh Halleh Dam, I.R. of Iran

Project Name: Haleh Dam Purpose of the project: Irrigation Project location: IRAN – Lorestan-Khoramabad Client: GHARB Regional Water Authority Contractor: SAZVAR CO. Dam Type: Homogenous Earth Dam Height above foundation: 42.55(m) Crest level(above sea level): 1217 Crest length: 195 (m) Capacity of the Reservoir: 3500000 m3 Foundation soil: Rock (shale) End of construction: Nov 2003

Meijaran Dam, I.R. of Iran

Project Name: Meijaran Dam Project location: IRAN- RAMSAR Client: Mazandaran & Golestan Regional Water Authority Contractor:Cotra Co. Dam Type: Homogeneous(clay) Height above foundation: 32 (m) Crest level (above sea level): 153 (m) Crest length: 622 (m) Capacity of the Reservoir: 40,000,000 m3 End of construction: June 2004

Ravedis Dam, Italy

Project Name: Ravedis Dam Purpose of the project: Flood control, irrigation and power Project location: Friuli Region, Italy Client: Consorzio di Bonifica Cellina-Meduna Contractor: CORAV sponsor Impregilo S.p.a. Engineer: IN.CO. S.p.a. Dam Type: Concrete Gravity Height above foundation: 51 m Crest level (above sea level): 343 m Crest length: 173 m Capacity of the Reservoir: 25 million cubic meter Foundation soil: Rock End of construction: November 2004