Konsko Dam





The dam is located close to the border between North Macedonia and Greece. It’s an embankment rock-fill dam with a central asphalt-concrete core as watertight element.

The dam will be 80 m height, the cross section on top will be 340 m long, with a total embankment volume is approx. 1.4 m3

The main purpose is flood control and water irrigation for an estimated area approx. 7000 HA, creating a lake with total capacity equal to 21 million m3

The dam belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Water Economy of the Republic of North Macedonia and the estimated construction cost will be approx. 40 million euro.

Scheduled construction period is 32 months.

SISGEO has been involved in the early stage of the project thanks to its strong presence in the region. Besides the monitoring system in Sveta Petka and Knetzevo dam, SISGEO completed in 2015 the instrument upgrade and automation of 6 dams owned by Northern Macedonia Eletrical Energy Authority ELEM.