Ouldjet Mellegue Dam
Ouldjet Mellegue Dam






The Ouldjet Mellègue dam is a Roller-Compacted Concrete Gravity Dam, located in northeastern Algeria about 13 km upstream of the city of Ouenza, in the Tébessa region.

The site of the Ouldjet Mellègue dam is located at the outlet (Ouldjet) of the river Oued Mellègue, across the Jebel Krorza, in the north-east of Algeria, some 13 km upstream of the town of Ouenza, in the wilaya of Tébessa.

With its maximum height of 51.5 m this new hydraulic structure has an estimated storage capacity of approximately 160 million m3

The development of the Ouldjet Mellègue Dam aims to meet industrial water needs, safe drinking water for the cities of El Aouinet and Ouenza and meet the water needs for irrigation of agricultural land in the Ouenza region.

Sisgeo supplied and installed a complete instrumentation system for the geotechnical and structural monitoring of the structure and surrounding soil.

Sisgeo was also in charge of the training of local ANBT technical staff (Agence National Barrage et Transfer) for system maintenance.

Sisgeo’s skills have brought an increase in terms of safety and efficiency of the structure with a reduction costs.