B.R.A.IN Bohrlochinklinometer-System

Codes der Referenzprodukte: S200D, BRAIN

Das B.R.A.IN (Borehole Readout Array for INclinometers) System besteht im Wesentlichen aus der digitalen MEMS Inklinometer Sonde, der Bluetooth Kabelrolle und der B.R.A.IN APP, die mit dem Android und iOS Mobilgerät-Betriebssystem kompatibel ist.

Die Elektronik zum Betrieb des Messsystems ist in der Kabeltrommel integriert. Das (Bluetooth Low Energy) drahtlos Funkprotokoll ermöglichte eine schnelle und sichere Kommunikation mit dem Mobilgerät und dies bei sehr geringem Stromverbrauch.
Das intuitive zu bedienende B.R.A.IN APP unterstützt Sie weitgehend die Messungen mit der Inklinometer-Messausrüstung und der SpiralMesssonde auszuführen und die Messwerte sofort mit Hilfe der auf dem Mobilgerät installierten Applikationen auszutauschen (z.B. Email, Dropbox, Whatsapp, Google DRIVE, OneDrive, iCloud Drive etc.)
Die Messwerte werden dann in die KLION-Auswertesoftware importiert, ausgewertet und zu Messberichten weiterverarbeitet..


• Rutschhänge und Böschungen
• Dämme, Deiche Talsperren
• Schlitzwände
• Tunnel
• Baugruben
• Stützbauwerke

Tiltmeters are instruments that measure angles respect to the gravity acceleration vector. To get this result an accelerometer is required. It measures the projection of acceleration gravity on its sensing axis. Sensor can have 1, 2 or even 3 sensing axes.

The MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) implementation of accelerometers it’s pretty young (about 20years) but mature enough to have its strong reliability been proven. MEMS are indeed silicon chips machined to create a mechanical part inside. The required electronic to read out the signal is inside the same chip.

The working principle is a spring-mass system: a mass (rotor) is anchored with springs to a fix frame (stator). When an acceleration occurs, the rotor moves respect to the stator loading or unloading the springs. That’s it: the displacement measurement is proportional to the applied acceleration. Displacement is measured with different technologies inside the chip but in its simplest form is related to a capacitance measure.

Sisgeo uses the state-of-the-art of MEMS accelerometers that implement several methods to compensate temperature variation and reduce the cross-axis error reaching very high accuracy.



Sisgeo B.r.a.in inclinometer system

Sisgeo B.r.a.in inclinometer system

B.R.A.IN (Borehole Readout Array for INclinometers) inclinometer system is mainly composed by the BRAIN APP compatible with Android and iOS mobile operative systems (device not supplied by SISGEO), digital inclinometer probe (vertical and/or horizontal), and bluetooth reel with control cable.
The electronic readout is integrated in the reel and the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) wireless protocol permits a fast and safe communication with the management device with a very low batteries’ consumption.
The intuitive B.R.A.IN APP allows the user to manage the inclinometer and spiral meter surveys and immediatelly share the readings with the most popular APP installed on the device (i.e. email, Dropbox, Whatsapp, Google DRIVE, OneDrive, iCloud Drive etc.)
Survey could be then imported in KLION software for data analysis and export professional and customizable reports.