FAQ#119 – Why can’t I connect the BRAIN reel to my mobile phone/tablet? Have I connected correctly my BRAIN measuring system?

Make sure that ALL the following steps are checked:
1. The batteries of the mobile phone/tablet and the BRAIN system are charged
2. You have installed the latest version of the BRAIN APP (check the Google Play Store or Apple Store)
3. The version of the mobile phone/tablet’s operating system is Android 7 or higher, or iOS 11 or higher
4. The Bluetooth version of the mobile phone/tablet is 4.2 or higher
5. Only for Android mobile phones/tablets:
• in the Android settings, the BRAIN APP has all the permissions (storage, geolocation)
• as first thing, pair the mobile phone/tablet to the BRAIN, from the Android settings, as described in the BRAIN user manual
• if the system keyboard does not allow the correct decimal separator to be entered, install the “Gboard” app which allows the standard Google keyboard to be used
6. The measuring probe is correctly connected to the BRAIN reel connector, as described in the user manual
7. Once the measuring probe (inclinometer, spiral meter or T-REX) has been connected, start a measurement or checking the system with the appropriate button of the app: the led on the BRAIN reel must never be red. A red LED means that the BRAIN reel does not see the measuring probe connected correctly.

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