FAQ#041 – 3G/2G modem or 4G/3G router: which technology should be chosen?

The use of 3G/2G modem is allowed only in these events:

  • when it is necessary only the transmission of data on user’s FTP server or e-mail automatically after every capture or one time per day)
  • when it is necessary to send an SMS in case of warning

With 3G/2G modem, the remote connection has to be considered an emergency connection. Pages uploading is extremely slow in case of inadequate signal quality. The remote connection requires a pc equipped with a GSM modem or an analogic modem connected to the phone network (not digital and not passing through telephone exchanges).

SIM card has to be:

  • Internet-enabled (with APN) for the transmission of data on FTP
  • M2M for remote connection

CONCLUSION: In case of need to manage OMNIAlog from remote, it is strongly suggested the use of routers 4G/3G.

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