FAQ#040 – Does the management of 4G/3G router change according to the power supply of OMNIAlog?

There are two communication alternatives, varying according to the power sources available on site:

  • with AC power supply it is possible to set up OMNIAlog to leave the router always turned on; therefore, the user could connect to every OMNIAlog with an Internet connection at any time;
  • with photovoltaic panels supply, being the router consumption very high, OMNIAlog has to be programmed to leave the router always turned off. The router has to be turned on only after every data capture (or one time per day) to transmit automatically the data on user’s FTP or by e-mail. In addition, the router will turn on in a 15-minutes temporary window, one time per day: during this temporary window the user can connect to OMNIAlog to set up the datalogger (once you are connected, you can stay online for all the necessary time).

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