FAQ#063 – Is it possible to connect to OMNIAlog and download data through a 2G (GSM/GPRS) or 3G (HSPA,UMTS, EDGE, GPRS,GSM) modem connected on port RS-232?

Yes. It is possible to connect to OMNIAlog and download data also by means of a Dial-up connection (with protocol PPP). The connection is established using a modem on the normal low frequency voice telephony. The connection is established through the composition of a normal telephonic number, using opportune programs called “dialer”.

The maximum speed is 9600bps, therefore the download of data from OMNIAlog could be very long.

In addition, the connection to the network ceases at the end of the call. The accidental interruption of the telephonic connection determines the disconnection of the client computer from the network. This causes the failure of the download, forcing the user to restart from the beginning.

SISGEO suggests to use the Dial-up PPP connection only in case of emergency.

The use of a 2G modem or 3G modem connected to OMNIAlog is necessary to send data through e-mail or on FTP server, or to send alarm SMS.

For remote connection to OMNIAlog, on mobile network, it is therefore preferable to use  HSPA router.

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