FAQ#082 – Is there any precaution to adopt for the number of measurements saved on the OMNIAlog / miniOMNIAlog memory?

OMNIAlog is equipped with a microSD 2GB memory. This memory allows to save a very high number of readings. For this reason, it is necessary to bear in mind what follows:

  • if there are numerous readings saved in datalogger memory, exportation time both with USB pen and through web pages can take long time. For example, to export with an USB pen about 5.000.000 data point with related events logs and alarms logs, OMNIAlog needs 4-5 hours.
  • the traditional spreadsheets have some limits in number of lines and columns management. For example, Microsoft Excel and Open Office manage up to1.048.576 lines and 16.384 columns. Using the same example of the previous point, the measurement file (log measurements) extensively overtakes these limits. Therefore, opening the file, not all the measurements will be shown.
  • if the exportation needs a time period  that is superior to the configured acquisition time, the acquisitions that where planned are not done.

Therefore SISGEO strongly suggests to periodically download data and, later, to delete them from OMNIAlog memory. This way it is guaranteed an efficient data download.

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