FAQ#046 – OMNIAlog: something to know to communicate with optical fiber technology

The optical fiber interface you can find in SISGEO catalogue is an ethernet switch with 4 10/100Base-TX ports (to link other LAN devices, in addition to OMNIAlog) and 2 100Base-FX ports (store and forward architecture). This interface is suitable for multi-mode fibres (50/125µm and 62.5/125µm) that allow lengths of maximum 2 km; for longer sections, you need to use a different model and single-mode fibres (9/125µm).

Generally, the supplied cables (“trunks”) have 4 mono-tube fibres, of which 2 are only in store. In SISGEO catalogue, the fibre is already connectorized (with SC-connectors) , but this solution is appropriate only if sections don’t exceed 200-300mt.

Despite they are equipped with a protection system for connectors and with a traction system for laying, it is difficult to trail some pre-connectorized trunks from a well to another for long distances. The maximum applicable traction force is approximately 500N, about 50kg. Furthermore, you need to take into account the weight of the same cable, rubbing and friction. For long lengths, it is advisable to do the connectorization on site (the intervention of a specialized technician with the right equipment is needed).

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