FAQ#066 – Why opening the file of log .CSV of OMNIAlog/miniOMNIAlog in French with Microsoft Office Excel some “strange” characters are visualized instead of some letters?

The cause of this is problem is that Excel opens the CSV files with an incorrect encoding. In the CSV files in French, there are some particular characters (example: “é”, “à”) that, to be correctly visualized, need the encoding UNICODE UTF-8. This encoding is not that of default of Excel, so the file is codified in a non-opportune way.

To correctly visualize the characters it is necessary (*):

  1. open Excel;
  2. select from the menu bar the tab “Data” and then the entry “From text”;
  3. in the window that displays, select the CSV file that you want to open;
  4. a window of file settings opens; select the entry “Delimited” and in the field “File origin” select “65001: Unicode (UTF-8)” and push “Forward”;
  5. in field “Delimiters” select “Comma” and push “Forward”;
  6. in the new screen push “End”
  7. in the window “Import data” push “OK”

* example executed on Microsoft Excel 2010

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