Frequently asked questions

Make sure ALL the following steps are verified: Sisgeo successfully uses the mobile phone model “BLACKVIEW BV4900 PRO” for all its tests with WR-Log system

Sisgeo digital instruments can operate in two powering modes: TIMED or ALWAYS-ON (for more information see F.A.Q.#094.A string of mixed instruments consisting of TIMED gauges and ALWAYS-ON gauges cannot work.The first thing to do is therefore to check that ALL connected instruments in your array are set to TIMED mode.You can check the powering mode […]

The limitations in terms of instruments to be connected on WR-LOG digital nodes are the following:

Technologies Band Data rate LTE            Band 1 (2100)Band 1 (2100)Band 2 (1900 PCS)Band 3 (1800+)Band 4 (1700/2100 AWS-1)Band 5 (850)Band 7 (2600)Band 8 (900)Band 12 (700 ac)Band 13 (700 c)Band 18 (800 lower)Band 19 (800 upper)Band 20 (800 DD)Band 25 (1900+)Band 26 (850+)Band 28 (700 APT)Band 38 (TD 2600)Band 39 (TD 1900+)Band 40 (TD 2300)Band […]

If the digital gauges are settled in ALWAYS ON, the WR-LOG digital node will be able to read up to 15 gauges.If the powering mode is settled in TIMED, the WR-LOG digital node will be able to read up to 30 gauges.

It mainly depends from the powering mode of the gauges (refer to FAQ#094 for the description of the powering modes). AN EXAMPLE WILL BETTER CLARIFY THE ANSWER. In a batch of 240 gauges, unless otherwise requested by the Customer, the addresses are settled from #001 up to #240. In a borehole is installed a chain of 30 […]

WR-LOG system can send three type of data:– Nodes data file– Nodes health file– Compacted or Custom Compacted fileIn order to optimize the availability time, the Sampling Rate (SR) of each node must be inserted into the Gateway, so that Sisgeo STRONGLY SUGGEST to insert the sampling rates of each node into the Gateway.If the […]

The available gateways for WR LOG system are: – 0LSWR868GW0  – 0LSWR915GW0 – 0LSWR923GW0 These models differ from the frequency utilized by the internal 2G/3G modem. In order to choose for the right gateway, please refer to the document to be downloaded. If more than one model is suggested for the installation Country, you have […]