Brunt Road LXR – new bridge monitoring
Brunt Road LXR – new bridge monitoring





Sisgeo supplied instrumentation for the monitoring of a new road bridge over the rail line at Brunt Road in Beaconsfield, Australia.

The Victorian Government aims to eliminate 110 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne by the year 2030, marking the largest initiative of its kind in the history of Victoria.

In fact, removing this crossing will improve safety, reduce traffic, and allow more trains to run more often.

Our client Sixense was enlisted to implement a settlement monitoring system for the road embankment at six locations, aiming to assess and manage potential embankment movements, especially in high-risk areas. The goal is to verify unexpected ground movement, enhancing overall safety and stability.

The LT-Inclibus Array is designed to monitor local tilting along a line, calculating a vertical settlement profile. Interconnected fiberglass rods maintain consistent sensor alignment, distance, and measure axis between gauges. Installation occurs in a trench, later backfilled and compacted, with the gauge linked to a wireless datalogger for real-time readings.

Sixense’s Beyond Monitoring web platform then allows remote data access, providing interactive views and graphs for all instruments, managing automated alarms and reports. It delivers extensive information to support decision-making.