viaducts are usually utilized for roads or railway. Viaduct SHM includes the geotechnical monitoring of their foundations and the structural monitoring of the main concrete parts. SHM for viaducts is very important to grant the safety of the users of the infrastructures.

What is viaducts monitoring? A viaduct is a type of bridge that is made up of a series of small spans, typically supported by piers or columns. They are often used to connect different levels of a city or to link separate sections of a transportation network. Various types of instruments are used in viaduct […]

Truss metal bridges

truss metal bridge usually need a monitoring system to control the stability of the pile foundations, the thermal expansions of the metal parts and strain and stresses generated.

What is truss metal bridges monitoring? Truss metal bridge is a type of bridge that uses a series of interconnected triangles to support the bridge deck and transfer loads to the abutments or piers. The truss is a framework of metal bars or tubes that are arranged in a series of triangles, which are known […]

Arch bridges

arch bridges was a common construction technology in the past. It is important to monitor this kind of structure to control the safety of the structure and so the safety of the users of the bridge. The SHM on arch bride usually involves tilt meters and hidraulic settlement guages.

What is arch bridges monitoring? Arch bridges are structures that rely on the strength and stability of their arches to support the bridge deck and transfer loads to the abutments or piers. Arch bridge monitoring involves both geotechnical and structural monitoring to ensure the safety and long-term performance of the bridge. Geotechnical monitoring of an […]


this picture shows the “Colosseum Area” in Rome during the construction and excavation of the new Rome Metro Line C. Protect the heritage in this project is a key-point of designers and construction company.

What is heritage monitoring? Heritage geotechnical and structural monitoring is the process of continuously monitoring structures such as historical buildings, monuments, and archaeological sites. Geotechnical monitoring involves monitoring the behaviour of the soil or rock surrounding the structure, while structural monitoring involves measuring the behaviour of the structure itself. This information can help identify any […]

Skyscrapers & buildings

this picture shows the “city life” district in Milan. It is very important to monitor the geotechnical problems during the foundation construction of the skysrapers.

What is skyscraper and building monitoring? For new skyscrapers and buildings, structural and geotechnical monitoring is essential to ensure the safety, performance, and durability of the building. Some of the main structural and geotechnical topics to monitor for new skyscrapers include: Foundation and soil conditions: monitoring the foundation and soil conditions of the building to […]

Deep excavations

Deep excavation in urban area, Grand Paris Project. In this huge project Sisgeo installed a large number of instruments: ABS inclinometer casings, BRAIN inclinometers system, DEX in place extensometers, digital IPIs In-Place Inclinometers, digital BH-Profiles IPIs, H-levels digital settlement gauges, digital tiltmeters, MPBX borehole extensometers, MEXID miniaturised borehole extensometers, vibrating wire strain-gauges, pressure cells, crack meters, electric load cells, piezometers, Omnialog automatic dataloggers and WR-log wireless data acquisition system.

What is deep excavations monitoring? Deep excavation monitoring refers to the process of measuring and analysing the behaviour of soil and structures during excavation works in order to ensure safety and stability. It is important to monitor deep excavations because the excavation process can cause changes in the stress and strain of the soil and […]

TBM Tunnels

Typical TBM tunnel where precast concrete sections are visible. Into precast segments, in the factory are usually installed vibrating wire strain gauges and pressure cells.

What is TBM tunnel monitoring? A TBM tunnel (Boring Tunnel Machine) is a tunnel that is build using a massive tunnel drilling machine. During the excavation process, the TBM removes the excavated material from the tunnel face, transports it to the back of the machine, and then transports it to the surface using a conveyor […]

NATM Tunnels

El Toyo tunnel monitoring in Colombia. Sisgeo supplied piezometer PVC tubing, electric anchor load cells and MPBX borehole extensometers with vibrating wire displacement transducers.

What is NATM Tunnel monitoring? The New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM), also known as the Sequential Excavation Method (SEM), is a technique used in the construction of tunnels that was developed in Austria in the 1960s. NATM involves excavating the tunnel in stages, with the surrounding rock or soil providing temporary support until a permanent […]

Dams rehabilitation

For Dams rehabilitation projects are usually supplied pendulum systems, telependulums, MEMS tilt meters, IPI in-place inclinometers, thermometers, pressure transducers, vibrating wire piezometers, readout unit, "V-Notch" weir, water level indicators, PVC piezometer tube, wireless datataloggers

WHAT IS THE REHABILITATION AND MODERNIZATION OF MONITORING SYSTEMS IN DAMS? Dams are critical infrastructures designed to manage water resources and produce electricity, many of which have reached the end of their useful life or may require extensive rehabilitation. In 2021, UNU-INWEH (United Nations University – Institute for Water, Environment and Health) published a report […]

Concrete dams

Salman Farsi dam monitoring in Iran. Sisgeo supplied inverted pendulums, biaxial in-place inclinometers, thermometers, pressure transducers, vibrating wire piezometers, readout unit, casagrande piezometers, "V-Notch" weir, water level indicators and PVC piezometer tube.

WHAT IS Concrete DAMS MONITORING? Concrete dams are typically constructed using reinforced concrete, which is a strong and durable material that can withstand the weight of the water and the pressure of the reservoir. Concrete dams can be designed and built in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the specific requirements of the […]