Ouldjet Mellegue Dam

The Ouldjet Mellègue dam is a Roller-Compacted Concrete Gravity Dam, located in northeastern Algeria about 13 km upstream of the city of Ouenza, in the Tébessa region. The site of the Ouldjet Mellègue dam is located at the outlet (Ouldjet) of the river Oued Mellègue, across the Jebel Krorza, in the north-east of Algeria, some […]

T-1000 Telependulum

Reference products codes: S911, S912 T-1000 Telependulum was designed to take automatic readings of the coordinates of pendulum’s plumb line. Thanks to the new optical technology, without any moving part, it allows very high accuracy and resolution, wide measuring range and the possibility to measure plumb lines with different diameters. T-1000 can be settled and […]