Highway 1, the Trans-Canada Highway

Highway 1, the Trans-Canada Highway

The BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) is widening Highway 1, the Trans-Canada Highway, by adding an additional lane in each direction in the areas east of Vancouver. Each section of highway presents new challenges for the construction work, and separate contractors are hired to complete each portion of the project. Instratus Monitoring Ltd. […]

BRS Magnet Extensometers

Reference products codes: D111, C121, BRS Sisgeo single-point probe extensometer is a system – based on British Building Research technique – for measuring either settlement or heave at various depths in soil, embankments, earthfill dams and dikes. The system consists of access tube with external corrugate pipe, magnet rings, telescopic bottom section with datum ring […]

Cleaning-up project of Panama City and Bay

The cleaning-up project of  Panama City and Bay includes: Construction of Health Service networks Construction and rehabilitation of Collectors and Drive lines Interceptor system Plant for wastewater treatment. These elements will be developed to collect, transport and treat wastewater of Panama City which is currently discharged directly into the bay or rivers and streams in […]

Egnatia Odos Road – Athens, Greece

Egnatia Motorway was designed to the specifications of the Trans-European road network. Across Epirus and Northern Greece from Igoumenitsa to Evros, Egnatia Motorway is one of the largest road construction projects in Europe, 670 kilometres long and 24.5 metres wide.The realisation of this motorway requires the construction of: 50 road interchanges; 350 entrance / exit […]

Puerto Cabello-La Encrucujada railway project, Venezuela

The section Puerto Cabello – La Encrucijada (Cagua) is part of a more multi-modal and articulated transportation network of freights and passengers. During the first stage of works, the above said section will connect the principal port of the country (Puerto Cabello) to the industrial, agricultural and food poles of Valencia and Maracay. The next […]

Marmaray Tunnel, Turkey

The Marmaray Project is the upgrading of approximately 76 kilometers of commuter rail system in Istanbul, connecting Halkalı on the European side with Gebze on the Asian side with an uninterrupted, modern, high-capacity commuter rail system. This Project is one of the major transportation infrastructure projects in the world at present.

Genova Underground Station – Italy

This section of the Genoa subway will improve the transportation to both the Old Genoa Harbour Exhibition Centre and the new Aquarium, improving in the meantime both traffic conditions and the re-organisation of the surface transport network. Works have required important preliminary soil consolidation works and were executed in a heavily populated urban area, without […]

Koohrang HPP , I. R. of IRAN

Project Name: Koohrang HPP Purpose of the projectGenerate: 128,000,000 Gwh/ y Electrical Energy Project location: IRAN-Shahre kord Client: I.W.P.C Contractor: Payab kosar – Canivo Dam Type: Earth Fill Dam Height above foundation: 15 m Crest level (above sea level): 2345.5 Crest length: 470 m Capacity of the Reservoir: 100,000 m<<3<< Foundation soil: SG-GC End of construction: Sep 2004

Tangeh Halleh Dam, I.R. of Iran

Project Name: Haleh Dam Purpose of the project: Irrigation Project location: IRAN – Lorestan-Khoramabad Client: GHARB Regional Water Authority Contractor: SAZVAR CO. Dam Type: Homogenous Earth Dam Height above foundation: 42.55(m) Crest level(above sea level): 1217 Crest length: 195 (m) Capacity of the Reservoir: 3500000 m3 Foundation soil: Rock (shale) End of construction: Nov 2003

Meijaran Dam, I.R. of Iran

Project Name: Meijaran Dam Project location: IRAN- RAMSAR Client: Mazandaran & Golestan Regional Water Authority Contractor:Cotra Co. Dam Type: Homogeneous(clay) Height above foundation: 32 (m) Crest level (above sea level): 153 (m) Crest length: 622 (m) Capacity of the Reservoir: 40,000,000 m3 End of construction: June 2004