FAQ#032 – Which is the reading method of the new generation of SISGEO vibrating wire readouts and loggers?

For VW sensors Sisgeo has developed automatic algorithms to search for the resonant frequency in case of environmental noise or poor signal. In this way you can distinguish between the natural frequency of the sensor and the frequency of the noise, thereby reducing measurement errors and false alarms.

This method also provides improvement in the resolution.

A parameter, logged with the reading, shows the ‘quality’ of the readings. The reading quality parameter allows miniOMNIAlog and OMNIAlog to retake the measure automatically (second step) from a different start frequency.

From OMNIAlog FW ver. 7.13.19, miniOMNIAlog FW ver. 0.12.22 and CRD-400 FW ver. 1.0.31 an adaptive excitation method is added. Also a ‘tracking’ function has been added to avoid the phase of the wire research in order to reduce the measurement time.

OMNIAlog and miniOMNIAlog dataloggers also let you set some parameters (Excitation time [msec], Delay time [msec], sweep range [Hz]) for each channel.

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