Istanbul Strait Road tube crossing project – Turkey
Istanbul Strait Road tube crossing project – Turkey






Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Project is based in Istanbul and includes tunnel construction, road widening, access ramps and an upgrade of the current operational management and control systems. The intended purpose of this project is to provide a bi-directional, safe, robust, reliable, comfortable, durable and uninterrupted transportation of light vehicles under the Istanbul Strait for a design life of 100 years. The Project is comprised of three parts: Part 1 comprises surface roadway and crossings on the European side of the Bosporus, Part 2 comprises a subsurface highway crossing under the Bosporus, and Part 3 comprises a surface roadway and crossings on the Asian side of the Bosporus. Part 2 of the Project includes a TBM bored and double-deck road tunnel with precast segmental concrete lining deep below the Bosporus Strait and it is approximately 3,340 meters long. Asian Transition Box is part of Part 2 and will be situated in the vicinity of the Haydarpasa Port area. Sisgeo supplied geotechnical monitoring instruments including inclinometer, electrical load cell, single rod extensometer, piezometer, switch box.