Inclinometer Casing

Reference products codes: S111, S131

Inclinometer casing is a special grooved tube, generally installed into a drillhole, used in conjunction with inclinometer system to determine sub-surface ground or horizontal soil movements. Automatic surveying is possible with MEMS in-place inclinometers, BH profile IPIs and horizontal IPIs.

The inclinometer casing performs the following main functions: it reflects deformations of soil or rock into which it is installed or in structures to which it is attached; it provides a precise casing for the operation of the inclinometer probe in the determination of inclination changes; its internal grooves provide orientation reference for the inclinometer probe.

Inclinometer casing is produced in different materials: aluminium, fibreglass and plastic (ABS Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene).