Frequently asked questions

The OMNIAlog logger for FLX-Rail has a fairly high power consumption due to the router.If OMNIAlog is set to send data through the router after each acquisition (so every 5 minutes) it needs to be powered from the network (e.g. 220Vac)If OMNIAlog is set to send data through the router once a day, it can […]

ROUTER MODEL 0OMXRO4G0EU “EUROPE”:4G BANDS: B1, B3, B7, B8, B203G BANDS: B1, B8Automatic fallback to 3G ROUTER MODEL 0OMXRO4G0NA “NORTH AMERICA”:4G BANDS: B2, B4, B5, B12/B133G BANDS: B2, B5Automatic fallback to 3G ROUTER MODEL 0OMXRO4G0AP “APAC”:4G BANDS: B1, B3, B5, B7, B8, B18, B19, B21, B28, B38,B39, B40,B413G BANDS: B1, B5, B6, B8, B9, B19,B39Automatic […]

The TRIGGER function of the two digital inputs available on OMNIAlog datalogger is typically used with seismic station. In case of an event (earthquake), the seismic station is usually able to supply a certain tension on its output (typically 5Vdc). If this output is connected to the digital input of OMNIAlog, and OMNIAlog is conveniently […]

OMNIAlog is equipped with a microSD 2GB memory. This memory allows to save a very high number of readings. For this reason, it is necessary to bear in mind what follows: Therefore SISGEO strongly suggests to periodically download data and, later, to delete them from OMNIAlog memory. This way it is guaranteed an efficient data download.

The dimensions of the measures file “in columns” downloaded with OMNIAlog and miniOMNIAlog vary according to the number of sensors acquired and the stored cycles of acquisition. The higher is the number of sensors acquired and the number of cycles of acquisition stored, bigger is the dimension of the file. It could be used the […]

Yes, if OMNIAlog is equipped with a 2G (GSM/GPRS) modem, connected through a serial cable to its RS232 port. OMNIAlog allows to set up alarm thresholds and the notification of these alarms could occur: – by SMS; – by email; – by FTP; – increasing the acquisition frequency; – managing a digital output (for example to manage […]

All SISGEO digitized instruments  (IPIs, Tiltmeters, H-Level…) use the RS-485 serial communication protocol The RS485 protocol contemplate a termination resistor. The recommended chain connection is point-to-point (multidropped) nodes as a bus mode (line). Star, ring or multiply network connection are not recommended. SISGEO dataloggers has already a termination resistor assembled (typically 120Ω). On the opposite […]

The sensors are read connecting the end cable to a Modbus Master unit (i.e. OMNIAlog or miniOMNIAlog) with RS-485 interface (DCE, Half duplex, no Echo) able to manage communication with SISGEO Modbus RTU communication protocol. SISGEO’s communication protocol is available for the release upon request. The power [W] of power supply must be chosen according […]

Last update: October 2021 All the SISGEO digitized sensors utilize a RS485 interface with Modbus protocol. 1.The maximum number of digitized sensors in a RS-485 network are 247 (theoretical) 2.The maximum number of digitized sensors chains that is possible to connect to Modbus master unit (as OMNIAlog or miniOMNIAlog) are 4. 3. About the maximum […]

The cause of this is problem is that Excel opens the CSV files with an incorrect encoding. In the CSV files in French, there are some particular characters (example: “é”, “à”) that, to be correctly visualized, need the encoding UNICODE UTF-8. This encoding is not that of default of Excel, so the file is codified […]

For a direct connection between PC and OMNIALOG, the right cable to use is a CROSSED cable. However, it could happen that also using a STRAIGHT LAN cable, it is possible to establish the connection with OMNIAlog. This occurs because from 2011 it has been realized a function called Auto-MDIX, that is available on some […]

No, when you use the modem connected on port COM RS232, OMNIAlog is configured (through its webserver) to transmit the traffic on serial port. This could cause connection problems if you connect the PC on the LAN port of OMNIAlog. To use the communication on LAN port, it is necessary to disconnect the RS232 cable […]

Yes. It is possible to connect to OMNIAlog and download data also by means of a Dial-up connection (with protocol PPP). The connection is established using a modem on the normal low frequency voice telephony. The connection is established through the composition of a normal telephonic number, using opportune programs called “dialer”. The maximum speed […]

It is possible to have access to OMNIAlog mini webservers on board using any internet browser. OMNIAlog could be configured to send data / alarms through e-mail and on FTP. In addition, it has a FTP server on board and a command line mode that uses the TELNET protocol. To use these services, OMNIAlog utilizes […]

The characters supported by miniOMNIAlog webpages and by the export files are those of the standard ASCII charts (not extended). In addition to all the alphabet letters and numbers, the characters supported are: You can find an example of an ASCII chart at the following link: NOTE: The maximum number of characters for IDENTIFICATION […]

With the internal batteries power mode, OMNIAlog is automatically configured to work with reduced speed (20MHz) and the network adapter card is forcedly shut down to minimize power consumption.Normal working expects only the data download through USB flash drive, so it’s not necessary to turn on the network adapter card.OMNIAlog configuration through web pages should […]

OMNIAlog can be configured to send readings file by e-mail using simple authentication (SMTP) or on simple FTP.SFTP and SMTPS (SSL) are not supported.OMNIAlog  does not manage the security certificates. OMNIAlog does not support also encrypted authentication (i.e. NTLM, MD5 etc.). However, SISGEO supplies the datalogger carrying an already configured SMTP account, to allow the sending […]

The optical fiber interface you can find in SISGEO catalogue is an ethernet switch with 4 10/100Base-TX ports (to link other LAN devices, in addition to OMNIAlog) and 2 100Base-FX ports (store and forward architecture). This interface is suitable for multi-mode fibres (50/125µm and 62.5/125µm) that allow lengths of maximum 2 km; for longer sections, you […]

To make efficient and effective the protections of miniOMNIAlog, it is INDISPENSABLE to have a grounding system. The ground is no longer necessary to guarantee quality-measurements (“measurement ground”), but it is considered only as “functional ground”.

OMNIAlog is nominally a datalogger with 8 differential channels. For every one of the 8 differential channels it is possible to connect up to: * channels with power supply shared on the same channel

Yes, the rain-gauge is connected to one of the two digital input placed in the posterior side of OMNIAlog. For the system autonomy, it is necessary to bear in mind that OMNIAlog connected to a rain-gauge it is always in measurement mode. Therefore, it will never go in “sleep-mode”. OMNIAlog takes a sample of the […]

The use of 3G/2G modem is allowed only in these events: With 3G/2G modem, the remote connection has to be considered an emergency connection. Pages uploading is extremely slow in case of inadequate signal quality. The remote connection requires a pc equipped with a GSM modem or an analogic modem connected to the phone network (not digital […]

There are two communication alternatives, varying according to the power sources available on site:

In order to connecting to OMNIAlog using the Internet, it is necessary to install a 3G router inside the OMNIAlog box and to insert a SIM card (with APN) into the router. This card should be Internet enabled (SIM card not included). DUTIES: 1 – Dynamic IP traceability 2 – Incoming traffic block (it depends from the […]

For VW sensors Sisgeo has developed automatic algorithms to search for the resonant frequency in case of environmental noise or poor signal. In this way you can distinguish between the natural frequency of the sensor and the frequency of the noise, thereby reducing measurement errors and false alarms. This method also provides improvement in the […]