Ralco Dam Rehabilitation Project
Ralco Dam Rehabilitation Project





The Ralco power plant, managed by Enel Generación Chile S.A., is a key energy source in the Biobío Region, utilizing the Biobío River’s power through an artificial dam with a capacity of 689 MW.

Teaming up with Geosinergia LTD (our local partner), we’ve implemented several upgrades:

  • Replacing mechanical RST joint gauges with VW Sisgeo joint meters and installing stainless-steel supports for managing filtration water jets;
  • Installing filtration level gauges with adjustable stainless-steel supports;
  • Incorporating a large-capacity reservoir level gauge;
  • Implementing a weather station for comprehensive environmental monitoring;
  • Designing and implementing a Warehouse Management System (WMS);
  • Automating operations with wireless loggers connected to joint meters, piezometers, water level meters, and reservoir gauges;
  • Conducting general civil works and constructing a new facility.

These endeavors are geared toward enhancing the dam’s efficiency, safety, and overall performance, showcasing our dedication to innovative engineering solutions.

Products involved:

  • Sisgeo Crackmetes;
  • Sisgeo WRLog;
  • AIDA IoT;
  • Filtration meters;
  • Flood level meter;
  • Meteorological station.