Ouldjet Mellegue Dam

Ouldjet Mellegue Dam

The Ouldjet Mellègue dam is a Roller-Compacted Concrete Gravity Dam, located in northeastern Algeria about 13 km upstream of the city of Ouenza, in the Tébessa region. The site of the Ouldjet Mellègue dam is located at the outlet (Ouldjet) of the river Oued Mellègue, across the Jebel Krorza, in the north-east of Algeria, some […]

Ojo de Agua Hydroelectric project

The Ojo de Agua hydropower project is located close to the village El Carbon in the community of San Esteban (Olancho) in the north east of Honduras. The project will generate 109 GWh/year with an installed capacity of 22.5 MW, a discharge of 6.0 m³/s and a gross head of 418 m.The project consists of […]

Cerro del Águila Hydroelectric power plant

The Cerro del Águila HPP is a hydroelectric power plant located on the Mantaro River in the districts of Colcabamba and Surcubamba, within the Province of Tayacaja and Region of Huancavelica, in central Peru. The Project will be located downstream of the Mantaro hydroelectric complex. The Project is an independent activity from the Mantaro hydroelectric […]

Optical Pendulum Readout

Reference products codes: S9RTB Optical coordinometer is a device designed to detect the coordinates (X-Y) of the plumb line on a horizontal surface. The measuring principle is based on high-accuracy photecells able to detect the pendulum wire position: the coordinates are read with the IP67 dial gauge fixed on the coordinometer. The instrument can be […]

T-1000 Telependulum

Reference products codes: S911, S912 T-1000 Telependulum was designed to take automatic readings of the coordinates of pendulum’s plumb line. Thanks to the new optical technology, without any moving part, it allows very high accuracy and resolution, wide measuring range and the possibility to measure plumb lines with different diameters. T-1000 can be settled and […]

Direct And Inverted Pendulums

Reference products codes: S911, S912 Hanging pendulums are designed to monitor horizontal movements in dams, dam foundations, abutments and to determine the structural movements of bridges, piers, towers and tall buildings. The direct pendulum consists of a steel wire anchored at the upper end to the structure, with a tensioning weight suspended at the lower […]

Nam Gnouang Dam – Laos

The NG Dam, 480 m wide and 65 m high, has created the NG Reservoir, which stores the rains that fall in the area from May-October each year. The dam has five gates that are opened only to discharge water to avoid flood events during the wet season. In normal operation the dam releases water […]

FAQ#001 – If the SUS optical sensor unit is removed for maintenance, is it possible to continue the monitoring using the pendulum optical manual readout?

It is possible to use the pendulum optical manual readout instead of TEL-310S “SUS”  optical sensor unit without any regulation of the “ANS” support. It is also possible to start the pendulum’s monitoring with the pendulum optical manual readout and then automate the readings with TEL-310S telecoordinometer , without changing its initial zero.