Kariba Dam is located on the Zambezi River, at the boarder of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The dam has been built between 1956 and 1959 and it creates one of the largest artificial lakes in the world. The plunging pool is currently being enlarged and re-shaped. An additional monitoring system has to be implemented, in order […]


The Ralco power plant, owned by Enel Generación Chile S.A., is located in the Biobío Region. It is of the hydraulic reservoir type and uses the power of the Biobío river by means of an artificial dam. It has an installed capacity of 689 MW. Dam in RCC where together with Geosinergia we have: Installation […]


Field has successfully implemented data management and maintenance of the automatic topographic monitoring system for Mercatale Dam, an asset managed by the Public Authority Consorzio di Bonifica Marche. This advanced system includes a total robotic station, a topographic network of macroprisms and clinometers, connected to a data logger for real-time monitoring. Thanks to its fully […]

Sardar Sarovar Dam Rehabilitation Project

The gravity concrete dam is 136m high with a crest length of 1300m. Over 300 Huggenberger sensors with Carlson technology were installed around 1994. In 2021, we carried out a functional test of the existing instruments then we upgraded the system from manual to semi-automatic by installing Hek-Mux Boxes. In 2022, after the rehabilitation of […]

El Quimbo – Colombia

The El Quimbo Dam is a concrete faced rock-fill dam and hydroelectric power facility in the Huila Department of southwestern-central Colombia. It is located about 1,300 metres upstream from the confluence of the Páez River with the Magdalena River. The El Quimbo powerhouse, located in the District of Huila on the Magdalena River, will have […]

Betania – Colombia

The Betania HPP is located in the department of Huila and has an installed capacity of 540.9 MW. Sisgeo Latinamèrica provided the service and installation of the seismic monitoring system. In addition we have: Products involved:

Hisorak dam

Hisorak dam, built on the Aksu River, is located in the Kashkadarya Region of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The reservoir is designed to provide water storage for the irrigation of Kashkadarya region. The reservoir has a rock dam with a maximum height of 140 m and a crest length of 528 m. Sisgeo, during the […]

Rehabilitation of 6 dams in Macedonia

6 hydropower plants in the Republic of Macedonia (owned and operated by ELEM- JSC Macedonian Power Plants) with a total installed capacity of 528 MW, were rehabilitated in terms of monitoring instrumentation and automation of the data. The hydropower assets include the five embankment dams with clay core of Mavrovo, Spilje, Globocica, Tikves and Kozjak […]