Hisorak dam





Hisorak dam, built on the Aksu River, is located in the Kashkadarya Region of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The reservoir is designed to provide water storage for the irrigation of Kashkadarya region. The reservoir has a rock dam with a maximum height of 140 m and a crest length of 528 m.

Sisgeo, during the first technical site visit has checked the existing monitoring system based on vibrating wire temperature probes and vibrating wire stain gauge. Thanks to MIND portable readout peculiar features, we were able to perform the spectrum analysis and it was then possible to evaluate the quality of the signal of each  vibrating wire sensors already installed.In this project, the better solution regarding the datalogging was a combination of cabled and wireless datalogger. Sisgeo has supplied No. 6 OmniaLog Datalogger with several external multiplexers and No. 21 Wr Log to obtain a unique data transmission by fiber optical cable.

The new Sisgeo instruments installed are vibrating wire and 4-20mA piezometers, PT100 thermometers, barometers, V-notch level transducers, vented pressure transducers for water level monitoring, vibrating wire pressure transducers for up-lift pressure monitoring, for a total amount of more than a hundred instruments.