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DEX and DEX-S 3D extensometer

Reference products codes: DEX, DEX-S

The DEX-S extenso-inclinometer is a 3D probe with an exclusive merge of two sensors: a high accuracy biaxial MEMS inclinometer to read displacements on horizontal axis, and a contactless magnetic sensor to monitor the vertical displacements.
A chain of probes installed in a borehole allows the unique advantage to return a 3D profile of both the casing and surrounding ground where the chain is installed.

The DEX extensometer is equivalent to DEX-S but without inclinometer sensor, so that a chain of DEX probes is suitable to read vertical displacements only.

In order to optimize the installation, you have the advantage to create mixed chains of DEX-S extenso-inclinometer and DEX extensometer probes.

DEX-S and DEX chains can be removed from the casings for installing them into nearby boreholes or in other projects.
They should be installed into ABS inclinometer casings with special magnet rings.

OMNIAlog datalogger provides automatic monitoring and by means of 3G/4G router it is also possible to have on-line monitoring of unattended locations.





DEX-S 3D extenso-inclinometer probes
DEX-S 3D extenso-inclinometer probes
Tunnel monitoring - chapter 3 - Ground above tunnel excavation
Tunnel monitoring - chapter 3 - Ground above tunnel excavation