Nichupté Bridge – Cancun
Nichupté Bridge – Cancun





The project involves the construction of an 8.80 km vehicular bridge spanning the Nichupté Lagoon System. Its primary goal is to establish a new road link starting from the Monumento Antigua Torre de Control traffic circle, specifically at the Kabah road distributor where Bonampak, Kabah, and Tulum Avenues converge. This connection will ultimately link with Luis Donaldo Colosio Ave, traversing through the Nichupté Lagoon System and the entire protected natural area of Manglares de Nichupté. The bridge will extend to connect with Plaza Kukulkán at Km 13.0 of the Hotel Zone.

Among the project’s objectives, besides improving connectivity, is the provision of security and job creation.

TIDESA, with the cooperation of Sisgeo Latino America, supplied and installed the following:

  • 4 MPBX extensometer with 150 mm displacement transducers for monitoring deformations at depth.
  • 4 DEX-S automatic extenso-inclinometer columns with 13 digital sensors per column for monitoring settlements at several depths.
  • 112 0VK4000VS00 vibrating wire strain gauges with associated cable for monitoring piles’ tension/stress.
  • 112 0VK4200VCHP vibrating wire strain gauges with associated cable for monitoring bearing piles’ tension/stress
  • WR-Log system (Nodes and Gateway) for automatic monitoring of deep and differential deformation.
  • OMNIALog datalogger for automation of tension/stress monitoring of piles.

Mind Readout for instrument installation activities and checks.