MEMS In-place Inclinometers

Reference products codes: S411HA, S412HA, S411HD, S412HD

MEMS In-place inclinometer (IPI) sensors are designed for automatic monitoring of critical locations. Jointed together and suspended inside inclinometer casings at certain depth where deformation may occur, a string of IPI sensors allows to monitor the profile of the inclinometer casing.

Vertical in-place inclinometers can be sensed with uniaxial or biaxial MEMS tilt sensor that grant great performance for both accuracy and thermal drift.

The digital version utilizes the Modbus RS485 serial communication protocol: this technology allow to use only one cable to connect all the probes in one chain.

MEMS in-place inclinometers are compatible with all Sisgeo's inclinometer casings: standardFlush and Quick Joint

Inclinometer tube may be also automatically monitored with a continuous chain of BH Profile inclinometers.





Pubblished on the Italian technical magazine "Le Strade" an interesting article
Sunday, 23 November 2014