Skyscrapers & buildings

this picture shows the “city life” district in Milan. It is very important to monitor the geotechnical problems during the foundation construction of the skysrapers.

What is skyscraper and building monitoring?

For new skyscrapers and buildings, structural and geotechnical monitoring is essential to ensure the safety, performance, and durability of the building. Some of the main structural and geotechnical topics to monitor for new skyscrapers include:

  • Foundation and soil conditions: monitoring the foundation and soil conditions of the building to ensure that they can support the weight and loads of the skyscraper and do not experience any excessive settlement or movement.
  • Structural health and integrity: monitoring the health and condition of the skyscraper’s structural components, such as the columns, beams, and foundation, to ensure that they are functioning as intended and do not show any signs of stress, fatigue, or damage.
  • Deformation monitoring: monitoring the deformation of the building, including any differential settlement or movement, to ensure that the building is not experiencing any structural damage or instability.