Dams rehabilitation

For Dams rehabilitation projects are usually supplied pendulum systems, telependulums, MEMS tilt meters, IPI in-place inclinometers, thermometers, pressure transducers, vibrating wire piezometers, readout unit, "V-Notch" weir, water level indicators, PVC piezometer tube, wireless datataloggers


Monitoring is an essential component of dams’ rehabilitation projects because it helps to ensure that the project objectives are met and that the dam is safe and stable after rehabilitation. The following are some reasons why monitoring is important in dams rehabilitation:

  • Verification of design assumptions: monitoring can help to verify the design assumptions made during the rehabilitation project. For example, if the design assumption was that the dam would not experience significant seepage after rehabilitation, monitoring can verify whether this assumption was correct.
  • Detection of unexpected conditions: monitoring can help to detect unexpected conditions that may arise during the rehabilitation project. For example, if the rehabilitation project involves the installation of a new seepage control system, monitoring can detect whether the system is functioning as expected or whether there are unexpected leaks.
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of rehabilitation: monitoring can help to assess the effectiveness of the rehabilitation project in achieving its objectives. For example, if the objective of the rehabilitation project was to increase the stability of the dam, monitoring can verify whether the dam is now more stable.
  • Safety: monitoring is critical to ensure that the dam is safe and stable after rehabilitation. Without monitoring, it is difficult to ensure that the dam is not at risk of failure, which could have catastrophic consequences downstream.

In summary, monitoring is essential for the success of dams rehabilitation projects, as it helps to verify design assumptions, detect unexpected conditions, assess the effectiveness of rehabilitation, identify maintenance needs, and ensure the safety of the dam.